Monthly Archives: March 2017

Communicating Goals and Expectations

Contributed by B. Carol Huang Goal setting is very important for anyone who wishes to have an achievement. The goal is like a blueprint for a building project, a road map for a journey, in which it will answer the questions like what, why, how and when. What: answers destination, mission, and vision. Why: answers the importance […]

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3-D tissue culture models to mimic human gut infections

Contributed by Nguyet Kong 3-D tissue culture models to mimic human gut infections In an article from npj Microgravity, scientists have reported their latest advancement in 3-D intestinal model development where they want to develop more realistic model to prevent Salmonella from causing food poisoning and disease around the world. Salmonella infections have increase over the […]

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Science vs politics?

Contributed by Ning Chin The advancement in science is often pursued because technological improvement is supposed to improve our life. Researches in biological sciences are especially important to improve our health and general wellbeing. But science does not get implemented in our daily life quick enough. This is partly due to the rigorous self-policing nature […]

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