Monthly Archives: February 2017

Sequencing and publication of 306 Listeria monocytogenes genomes

Contributed by Poyin Chen Listeria monocytogenes is a foodborne pathogen prevalent in environmental and food matrices including soil, fruit, and deli meats. This organism encompasses 13 serotypes, among which serotypes 1/2a, 1/2b, and 4b are most commonly associated with disease including gastroenteritis and abortions. Listeriosis accounts for less than 1% of foodborne illnesses worldwide yet […]

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Importance of sialidases during infection

  Contributed by Narine Arabyan Sialidases, also known as neuraminidases, are widely distributed in nature and are found in organisms from Eukarya, Eubacteria, and viruses. Sialidases are glycosyl-hydrolases that cleave the α-ketosidic bond of a terminal sialic acid residue from complex glycans. Sialidases have been implicated and correlated with several diseases. Sialidases play a critical […]

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Ebola Update

Contributed by Allison Weis Two years ago, beginning in March 2014, the world saw the largest outbreak of Ebola in history. The outbreak was massive, all countries affected combined 28,646 people were infected and of those 11,323 people were killed by the virus (WHO). During the time of the initial outbreak the world was terrified. […]

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