Doing what we love, be it work or snacking!

Contributed by Robin Jones

I have a great job! I get to work in a research lab at a top University. I get to rub shoulders with people who are making the world a safer place and with young people who are starting their journey toward their future. It can be exciting, challenging, exhilarating, and stressful to say the least. Everyone who knows me knows that I am the token ‘non-science’ person in the lab, but I find that being an administrative assistant is what I was cut out to be. I admire those who are doing the science and I like working in the shadows to do what others might consider mundane. Setting schedules, bringing coffee (I actually LIKE to do this), booking travel, and keeping calendars glitch free and meetings straight. All of this is what I happen to be good at so others don’t have to think about it and can go about their day doing what they are good at. I find at this stage in life I look forward to waking and working, it’s not only fulfilling but there is something new every day!

Another thing I enjoy is snacking! I have discovered while working in the lab that everyone has some sort of snack at his or her desk. I hear the crunch of chips, the rattle of plastic as a tasty snack is torn open (usually mine), and the thud of paper cups and energy drink cans as they are dropped into the recycle bin. Occasionally I hear the crunch of an apple, catch the smell of a banana or heart healthy homemade muffins. But with all the time spent sitting at our desks, I notice the one thing we all seem to do is snack!

In an attempt to find something beautiful in the snacking realm (and since none of us will likely give it up) I thought perhaps my contribution to this blog might be to add a couple of ‘healthy’ snack recipes. I hope to take my own advice and start gravitating toward them and away from those dangerous yet tasty prepackaged death bombs.

Below are a couple of links I found for Healthy Snacks to have at your desk. Enjoy!

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