Active Research

100K Pathogen Genome Project -  This global program in an open collaboration with groups in South Korea, China, Mexico and the United States to sequence 100,000 bacterial pathogens to create public and private genome resources for reference databases that enable source tracking, robust identification of genomes in microbiomes, basic resources for rapid detection molecular detection, and food safety & public health references.  

  • Molecular diagnostics development using population genomics

  • Metagenomics of the microbiome of humans, animals, and the environment

  • Epigenetics of bacteria during infection and survival

  • Molecular ecology, physiology

  • Host and bacterial metabolism during infection and commensalism

  • Molecular ecology, physiology, and genome diversity of pathogens and probiotics - Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria, Lactic Acid Bacteria

Natural antibacterial compound discovery

Bioinformatics of regulatory networks for metabolic control analysis using flux, gene expression, and metabolomics

Integration of multi-omics data sets for discovery of molecular and metabolic regulation of bacterial associations in growth, persistence, and non-culturability

Non-culturability and bacterial survival using metabolomics and genomics projects are underway that define how bacteria regulate non-culturability

Rapid bacterial detection – Phylogenomics methods coupled to culture-independent technologies to create novel diagnostic methods for bacterial detection