Salmonella Pistachio Outbreak

Contributed by Nguyet Kong

I’m a fan of pistachio and I can use them with my baked goods and dinner entrees, but now I have to be careful with the brand and type of pistachio I’ll be purchasing in the near future. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have recommend people to stop eating Wonderful Pistachios because it have been linked to a Salmonella Montevideo outbreak. There have been 11 cases across multiple states were two people have been hospitalized for the consumption. The Wonderful Pistachios include products that are even sold at Traders Joe, which I frequently visit to purchase my food products to make my meals. One location is down the street from the UC Davis campus, where many undergraduate students shop for their food. Pistachio is a healthy snack that have many health benefits such as heart health, weight management, protection of diabetes and hypertension and improve digestion. It has lots of vitamins, minerals and good fats and protein. Hopefully, Wonderful Pistachios can find its cause for the contaminated pistachios and fix the issues.


Wonderful Co. recalls pistachios because of link to Salmonella outbreak; Trader Joe’s brand included

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