As a parent with a multicultural family, the recent events of humanity are disturbing. The issues that are coming together bring out our lack of respect for each other but more pointedly about people of color. It is disturbing that at this point in humanity that we will have racism. When I adopted all my children color wasn’t an issue – they were just my family. They still are my family, even though they are grown adults with kids of their own, they are just my family – race is not an issue, never has been, and never will be.

How unfortunate for our society, our culture, and the status of our world. We are better than the recently noticed events. Treating people, all people, with respect is an undeniable right – not a pleasure or gift. Our governments must do better.

This perspective has not only been part of my personal life it has always been part of my work life as well. I have had the pleasure of working with students from all over the globe and all colors. They are humans with curiosity and a desire to better themselves – just like my kids at home and in the lab.

Humanity – it’s time to do better and be better with all people.

Weimer kids circa 2001

Weimer adults circa 2020