Happy Thanksgiving

Contributed by Robin Jones

Happy Thanksgiving!  As I woke this morning my mind was filled with excitement for the upcoming events of the day.  The oven is already hot and in use, the house is beginning to smell of delicious treats, soon friends will be arriving, and the day will continue with a festive mood.  I am in the mountains of northern New Mexico this morning, Taos, to be exact.  The skies are becoming darker by the moment and the clouds are rolling in almost promising to give us a blanket of snow before the days end.  I honestly don’t think it could be more perfect!

My wish for everyone this morning (and always) is that whatever you do, be it today or every day of your life, is that you are happy. I hope that if you are celebrating at home that your home is full of laughter and joy.  If you are visiting others, may you be the joy that walks through their doors.  If you are working to serve others today, may each person recognize your service and be blessed by what you are doing, as I know you will be by serving those in need.  I hope you are surrounded by those you love and find peace and contentment in your hearts.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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