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Day Zero for Bacterial Comparative Genomics

Contributed by Darwin Bandoy DVM Learning microbiology is hard, learning genomics is hard and the learning curve is not simply exponential but factorial for learning bacterial genomics. I had the advantage of being a veterinarian with a training in microbiology … Continue reading

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Listeria Outbreak in Frozen Vegetables in Europe

Contributed by Nguyet Kong A recent Listeria outbreak in Europe has been reported due to the insufficient cooking of frozen vegetables, which led to the question if frozen vegetables even safe to eat at all. The European Food Agency is reminding people … Continue reading

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NGS Library Construction for Microbiome Studies

Contributed by Carol Huang Studying the population composition of microbes within a particular environmental community has drawn more and more attention for understanding functions and interactions of microbial communities. Meta-RNA-Sequencing and Meta-Genomic-sequencing have been playing big roles in these studies. As … Continue reading

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